Our Family-Owned Insulation Business

We recognize providing for family is important.

Northern Insulation Products began in the garage of Lloyd A. Johnson as a home freezer manufacturing business in 1946. Then known as Lloyd Refrigeration, the business symbolized a new beginning for Lloyd and his family following his time spent serving in the Civilian Corps in Alaska during World War II. 

We've always been committed to learning so we can give our customers our best. 

Before starting Lloyd Refrigeration, Lloyd worked as an apprentice for Schafer, Inc. in Minneapolis in 1945. There he learned to make ice cream freezers and home freezers, a trade that he packed in his toolbox and carried home with him on the train from Minneapolis to his home in Gibbon a year later. His garage quickly became too small for the high-demand by local restaurants and farmers, so he moved into the basement of the town’s bakery. When Lloyd outgrew the bakery in 1952, he built an office on Highway 19 where it still stands proudly today.

We value innovation.

Local sales in small-town Gibbon grew like wildfire, spreading from Minnesota to four other surrounding states - North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa. In 1958, John Johnson stepped in full-time alongside his dad to help with the booming business. During this time, with Lloyd’s keen eye for the industry’s best, he discovered polyurethane as a product with the potential to be #1 in insulating value. The addition of the new product to Lloyd’s services was like fuel to the spreading fire that was Northern’s sales.

The Johnson father-son duo perfected the application of polyurethane in commercial refrigeration, and soon it was discovered that the product could both insulate and prevent condensation. After presenting the product in a showroom for Studebaker cars in the early 1960s, business increased and Northern Insulation Products was born.

The demand for the new revolutionary method of insulation necessitated that it become mobile, so Northern began delivering to the five state area. Architects, engineers, builders, lumberyards, and homeowners alike became friends of the business as it continued to expand its relationships in the industry throughout the decades. In 1982, Lloyd passed away, leaving Northern in the caring hands of his son John. Later, in 1984, John and his son Mark became the new duo. Today, Mark continues to care for and grow Northern Insulation Products.